5 Magic points for the effective daily stand up meeting

Daily stand up meeting

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Daily stand up meeting is part of everyone’s scrum and it must be conducted every day.

It helps us to streamline our project’s delivery and provides everyone an idea of how the project is going and what each individuals role in the current PI.

As we all know daily stand up must be wrapped up in 15 min, providing each individual has communicated his status to the team.

Okay so let’s discuss, what are the key points that each individual must keep in his mind who is part of any scrum team.

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1. Be on time

We mostly opt to schedule a daily stand-up meeting in the morning but flexible working hours allow its employees to come to office as per their convenience.

Because of this flexibility, it is difficult for a scrum master to operate these meeting on time as someone or other is missing.

The whole purpose of having a stand-up is ruined if a single person is missing.

Hence it is your responsibility to make it on time for the meeting every day and respect other’s time.

Prepare early and avoid regret.

2. Never use cellphones in the meeting

Using a cellphone in any meeting is not a good meeting etiquette and if a meeting which spans for just 15 minutes, it is really not a good idea to use your phones.

In my opinion, we should not carry the cell phones when we are entering the meeting room because I have seen people distracted by the phone in several ways like Facebook, WhatsApp, Games, Calls and etc.

Based on all these distractions I have seen, I would recommend not to carry cell phones in the daily stand-ups.

3. Share complete and relevant status

If you have done some Agile or SAFe certification then you must be aware of the patterns that we must follow to communicate our status

  • What have you done yesterday?
  • What will you do today?
  • Are there any roadblocks in your current task?

Always try to communicate all the relevant work you are doing in a precise manner and if there is a roadblock that needs further discussion you can always take it offline.

For example, writing a unit test for some code is relevant and needs to be shared but code reviews.

4. Share status with the team

You might be wondering, we have just covered this in the last point but this is different.

As scrum master is coordinating our daily stand-up, we tend to communicate our status to him only.

We tend to look towards our scrum master and start sharing the status of the work. This is not correct.

Status must be shared with the entire team hence try to look at others as well while communicating the status so that everyone feels involved.

Remember Scrum-master is a Servant-Leader who is just facilitating this meeting for the team.

It is always good if all team members know what others are doing as it will help them as well in the future.

5. Schedule stand-up meetings daily

Daily stand-up meetings must be conducted daily at the same time and place without fail.

Even on days when your scrum master is out of office, the entire team must gather and have the stand-up.

On this day it can be lead by the PO or any other team member.

By scheduling it daily we are always streamlined with our tasks and can deliver effectively.

In conclusion, we should always find some fun and interactive ways for the daily stand-ups that will keep every team member interested and motivated.

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