Top 8 Promising must-have software for developers

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In this blog, we are going to discuss some must-have software for developers that will enhance their productivity.

In this blog, we are going to discuss some must-have software for developers that will enhance their productivity.

As a developer, what would you prefer “hard work” or “smart work”?

I am sure your answer is “smart work”.

For a smart developer there exist many smart tools that will not only ease out his work but give him a head start in comparison to others.

Let’s begin-

1. Rapid Environment Editor

This tool helps you in setting different environment variables like JAVA_HOME, GRADLE_HOME, etc from a well-defined user interface and removes the hassle of navigating to advanced system setting > environment variable.

2. Beyond Compare

As the name suggests, this tool will help you to compare two entities.

An entity can be anything like text, files, folders, etc.

This tool really comes handy when you want to compare large files like XML, JSON, TXT or any HTML.

You can also compare the folder contents of folder1 and folder2 to make sure if it contains the same files or there is any difference.

3. Total Commander

Using this tool you can’t only search and find a file with its name but with the content of the file as well.

A handy use case maybe finding an ABC.class file from a set of the JAR file to see if any of the JAR contains the desired class file.

4. One Note

We developers many a time need different information regarding our project that we must save for future use like

  • UAT/Testing environment connection details.
  • Different URLs(Jenkin/Sonar/Gerrit)
  • Handy Unix/Git commands

But saving these details on Notepad is not a good idea because these TXT files get lost on our system and we waste a lot of time in finding these files.

However, One Note will let you keep all your notes at one place with better categorization.

5. MobaXterm

MobaXterm is used to connect with Unix and Linux server, may people also prefer putty.

But with the new version of MobaXterm few keywords or file names are highlighted in colors.

For example words like Error, Failed will be in Red and a word like success will be represented in green.

This coloring of texts really helps you in analyzing huge log files.

It also shows file names with different colors with different user permission.

Using this tool you can also upload and download files from the server.

6. 7-Zip

7-zip tool uses 7z format to highly compress the files

You can use this tool to compress projects, libraries, etc.

Compressed files can be easily sent to any server or shared with fellow developers.

7. Oxygen XML Editor

If you are dealing a lot with XML and there are requirements where you need to deal with XPaths and XQuery.

Then this is the tool for you.

There are a whole lot of XPath generator tools available online but it’s good to not share your XML data on these websites.

Using this tool you can generate XPath offline on your system and query an XML file using XQuery in the tool.

8. Notepad++

With the support of several file formats from TXT to JSON, notepad++ is the tool that is a must-have for any developer and its free to download.

With rich features, while dealing with a file this tool can be really handy for searching, replacing and editing the content.

In Conclusion, there are several cool tools available in the market and it depends on the person which tool they like most.

If you think I have missed any tool feel free to mention it in the comment section.

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